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"Jason Paris is an extraordinary vocalist;  Freddie would've been impressed!"


The Best Elton John Tribute Concert You’ll Ever Experience

Anyone who’s ever yearned to see Elton John in his most celebrated golden 1970s era will be blown away by the Elton Out of the Closet® experience. Widely accepted as the world’s leading Elton John tribute band, the incomparable Jason Paris doesn’t simply “impersonate” the Rocket Man – he becomes him.


Experience Elton John when he was youthful, outrageous and full of energy, as he takes you on an exciting journey through all the classic Elton hits you know and love from 1970 to 1994. Visually, this two-hour entertainment spectacular immerses you in the thrilling seventies era of flamboyant costumes, iconic instruments, the many characters and the back-stories behind them.


The voice is what captivates you, though – Jason Paris’s finest work as an Elton John impersonator comes in his ability to sing and perform your favourite Elton classics with such gusto that they become indistinguishable from 70s’ era Elton John himself. Whether you’ve had the pleasure of actually seeing Sir Elton on-stage before or you’re seeing his songs performed live for the first time,; Elton Out of the Closet® will not disappoint.

The ultimate Elton John tribute experience to deliver an unforgettable night

  • Elton Out of the Closet® delivers a theatre experience of Vegas stage show quality – book this phenomenal Elton John stage musical for your upcoming event anywhere in the United States

  • Jason Paris goes above and beyond as an Elton John impersonator – portraying him in the first person, you’ll believe you’re with the legend himself

  • Whether he’s singing on-stage or engaging you in conversation, Jason Paris actually sounds like Elton John

  • Jason’s masterful, powerful and expressive skills as a pianist and rock vocalist will keep you fully immersed in the Elton Out of the Closet® experience until the final note rings out

  • If you’re already wondering, the answer is yes:; Jason treats audiences to the same grand piano acrobatic stunts that were one of the many trademarks of Elton John in his youth

  • A custom-made replica of Nigel Olsson’s iconic eight-piece drumkit from the legendary 1974 tour transports you back to this golden era of “Rocket Man”, “Tiny Dancer” and “Crocodile Rock”

  • The show is as authentic to Elton’s seventies era as you can possible get, with masterful performances on Indian tanpura, lap steel guitar and banjo from our talented guitarist

  • This emotional Elton John tribute concert beautifully combines “rock show” and “theatre”, as it touches poignantly on Elton’s relationships with Princess Diana, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury

Book Elton Out of the Closet® for your next event

Bring the magic of a youthful Elton John to your event, with this phenomenal Elton John tribute band and captivating Elton concept impersonation. For more details about bookings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learn more about Jason Paris, or read some testimonials for further confirmation that Elton Out of the Closet® will deliver an evening you’ll never forget.

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