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Elton Out Of The Closet® is a 12-piece, Vegas-style musical that brings the voice, character, costumes, iconic instruments, and young Elton himself back into the light.

This is the world's most exciting and entertaining portrayal of the mid-70s, top-of-his-game Elton we all remember:  athletic, fantastic vocals, magnificent costumes, and consistently iconic songs.

Starring the world-renowned Jason Paris (commended by Queen's Brian May), Elton Out Of The Closet® features the world’s finest Marilyn Monroe impersonator, Suzie Kennedy, ‘John Lennon’, ‘Bernie Taupin’, and Elton’s 1970s’ bandmates.


Producer and Principal, Jason Paris, understands that, to be worthy of the world’s most prestigious stages, Elton Out Of The Closet® must exceed the expectations of the most discerning Elton fan.   To this end, Elton Out Of The Closet® includes a number of unique or innovative features:

  • The show is entirely focused on Elton’s mid-70s peak.   Paris’s commanding stage persona is therefore athletic and powerful, and his singing voice is uncannily like young Elton’s;

  • Marilyn Monroe’s ‘ghost’ duets with Elton, as a hologram, on ‘Candle In The Wind’;

  • Key figures from Elton’s musical life are on stage:  Bernie Taupin (the show’s MC), John Lennon, Davey Johnstone, Ray Cooper and Nigel Olsson;

  • A detailed, custom-made replica of Olsson’s massive drumkit from the mid-70s is the centre-piece.   It was featured in Modern Drummer magazine;

  • A custom-made replica of Elton’s 1975 piano, with sequins and carpet, adds to the pizzazz.   It’s built to withstand Elton’s acrobatic punishment!


  • A vast collection of guitars (and an Indian tanpura!) faithfully replicate the nuances that discerning audiences expect from Elton’s records.

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