Jason Paris as Elton John

Elton Out Of The Closet® is the world’s best and most exciting re-creation of Elton and his classic 1970s' band.

Starring the incomparable Jason Paris, Elton Out Of The Closet® re-creates Elton's golden mid-70s period, when he was young, outrageous, full of energy, and the hottest rock star on the planet!   While visually focused on the thrilling 70s, the show includes all the big hits from 1970 - 1994.

More than just a band playing songs, Elton Out Of The Closet® is a 2.5-hour entertainment spectacular that brings the voice, the flamboyant costumes, the characters, the back-stories, the iconic instruments, and Elton himself out of the closet…

Some reasons why Elton Out Of The Closet® is the best Elton tribute on the planet:

  • Jason Paris portrays Elton in the first person.   You'll believe you're with the man himself!

  • Jason actually sounds like Elton:  in his singing and speaking voices;

  • Jason is a masterful, powerful and expressive Rock vocalist, and an exceptional Rock pianist;

  • the show is exciting... by presenting Elton in his 20s, the show is energetic, funny and emotional;

  • the 2-metre long, custom-made grand piano allows Jason to re-create the acrobatics Elton was famous for in his youth;

  • the custom-made replica of Nigel Olsson's iconic eight-piece drumkit, from Elton's 1974 tour (recently featured as Kit Of The Month in the international Modern Drummer magazine!);

  • detailed re-creations of Elton's flamboyant costumes from the mid-70s;

  • re-creation of Elton's classic 70s band;

  • with his mastery of multiple instruments (including the Indian tanpura, lapsteel and banjo), our guitarist brings the familiar colours and textures of Elton's records to each performance;

  • the show reveals the songs' back-stories, touches poignantly on Elton's relationships with Princess Diana, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury, and finds that magic middle-ground between 'Rock show' and 'theatre'.

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  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®