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Elton Out Of The Closet®

Jason Paris as... Jason Paris. ;-)

Elton Out Of The Closet®

Jason Paris as Elton John!

Jason Paris is a busy man these days...


Paris's Elton Out Of The Closet® is a spectacular, Vegas-style stage show, re-creating Elton John in his mid-70s’ golden period.   It faithfully reproduces the star's flamboyance, signature moves, costumes, instruments, band members and on-stage monologues.

"Elton Out Of The Closet® is the world’s finest and most exciting portrayal of mid-70s’ Elton", says Paris, who conceived and produced the show - and plays Elton.   Inspired by the world's greatest tribute shows, Paris set out to re-create Elton in all his 1970s' glory.  He custom-made a grand piano shell, re-produced the band’s huge 1974 drum-kit, and acquired the iconic guitars and exotic instruments that feature on the classic recordings.

"It's been a real labour of love", Paris says.  "For Elton Out Of The Closet® to rank alongside the world's great tributes is a testament to having a world-class attention to detail." 

Audiences across the world are quick to agree:  whether it's post-show meet-and-greets, live Facebook streams or YouTube engagement, the outpouring of admiration for Paris's Elton Out Of The Closet® is humbling.


Paris has a long history in the world of music:  in high school he was the lead percussionist in Australia’s internationally-touring marching band, The Marching Koalas.   He's an award-winning jingle producer and film-score composer.   And, after auditioning for the lead role in Queen's We Will Rock You Sydney production, Paris received the following email from Brian May:


"I listened to your audition CD on the plane back to London.   I loved your originals, and especially your re-creation of Queen's Who Wants To Live Forever.   Freddie would've been very impressed!"


Also, a chance musical experiment with his 3-year-old daughter inspired Paris to create Singing Portraits®, an iOS/Android app that's much loved by children across the world.

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