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Paris’s Elton Out Of The Closet® is a spectacular show, re-creating Elton John in his mid-70s golden period.   It faithfully reproduces the star’s flamboyance, signature moves, costumes, instruments, band members and on-stage monologues.


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Elton Out Of The Closet® is the world’s finest and most authentic tribute to 1970’s Elton,” says Paris, who conceived, produced and directed the show - and plays Elton.​

Inspired by the world’s greatest tribute shows, Paris set out to re-create Elton in all his 1970s' glory.   He custom-made a grand piano shell, re-produced the band’s huge 1974 drum-kit, and acquired the iconic guitars and exotic instruments that feature on the classic recordings.

“It’s been a real labour of love” Paris says.   “For my show to rank alongside the world’s greatest tributes means having a world-class attention to detail.”

Paris has a long history in the world of music.    In high school he was the lead percussionist in internationally touring marching bands.   After auditioning for the lead role in Queen's We Will Rock You musical, Paris received the following email from Brian May:​

"You're an exceptional vocalist;  Freddie would've been very impressed!" 



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