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Elton Out Of The Closet® prides itself on the detailed attention that goes into re-creating Elton's 70s outrageous costumes.   

Remarkably, even though the first half of the 70s was Elton's golden period (the man was responsible for five percent of all record sales on the planet!), there is precious little footage of his record-breaking concerts.   Consequently, it's easier to visualise Elton in his 'boater hat' or 'modest suit' phases, because those latter periods were so well documented.

Nonetheless, the producers of Elton Out Of The Closet® believe that audiences get more value for their entertainment dollar when experiencing the man at his most breath-taking!

Read on to (re-)acquaint yourself with Elton's 70s costumes...

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  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
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