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The Most Remarkably Memorable Elton John Tribute Concert You’ll Ever Witness in North America

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go back and experience Elton John live on stage during the 1970s – the most celebrated era of his illustrious career? Now you can, with the phenomenal Elton Out of the Closet® stage show in North America.


Widely hailed as North America’s finest Elton John tribute show, the extremely talented Jason Paris has audiences believing they’re actually in the presence of the Rocket Man himself, as he blasts through his greatest hits before their eyes.


This Elton concept impersonation show is the first of its kind in North America to fully capture the essence of what makes Elton John one of the greatest performers of all time – the flamboyant outfits, the grand piano acrobatics, and the iconic characters we all know and love, including Pinball Wizard and Rocket Man.


Visually, the North America Elton John tribute concert focuses on 1970s-era Elton, complete with the Indian tanpuras, lap steel guitars and banjos that the setlist featured at the time. However, fans can expect to hear all their favourite classic Elton John hits from between 1970 and 1994, during this fully immersive two-hour entertainment spectacular.

What makes Elton Out of the Closet® the best Elton John stage musical in North America?

  • Not only is Jason Paris able to depict Elton John with such devotion that he seems to effortlessly emulate the Pinball Wizard’s youthful, outrageous energy, but this theatrical experience also examines the back-stories behind many of Elton’s most revered songs, like “Rocket Man”, “Bennie and the Jets” and “Tiny Dancer”.

  • Discover Elton John as you’ve never known him before, with insightful stories about his relationships with figures like Princess Diana, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury.

  • The Elton Out of the Closet® experience upholds a theatrical standard that exceeds even the most renowned Vegas stage shows.

  • Jason emulates Elton John in the first person for the entirety of the show – you’ll forget it’s not actually the legend himself.

  • Jason’s pianist and rock vocal skills are astonishing, as well as the rest of the band’s high musical proficiency.

Contact Elton Out of the Closet® for bookings in North America

To arrange this one-of-a-kind Elton John tribute concert for your event in North America, contact us directly for bookings. Learn more about Jason Paris online, and review testimonials from people who have experienced Elton Out of the Closet® for themselves.

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