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"I listened to your recordings on the flight back to London [from Sydney].   You're an extraordinary vocalist, Freddie would've been impressed!"

Brian May, Queen

"I'm impressed!   You certainly have a very good ear not to mention your excellent musicianship.   You've created a very faithful version which definitely captures the spirit of the original, so very well done!"

David Hentschel, Elton John's synth player on his classic 70s' albums

"During your show I was talking to people who'd seen [a very well-known Elton impersonator] three times.   They said your show was so much more professional, no comparison.   Loved it, not kidding - never expected anything like that, you are indeed a perfectionist!"

"Everyone enjoyed it.   People coming out were all full of praises and on a high.  You must be exhausted - so much energy put into that show.   The band looked like they were enjoying themselves and very talented I hope they are prepared to stay for the long haul."

"It was great.   I loved the fact that it was true to the original.   The band knew their stuff too, all the little drum fills, guitar & keys riffs were in there.  Even the guitar sounds were spot on.   As techy sort of person I appreciate those things but from what I saw walking around also I know the crowd was loving the show."

"Why haven't I seen you win Australia's Got Talent ?!!'

"How do you maintain that energy all night?!"

Genuine feedback from Audience Members

Elton Out Of The Closet®'s custom-made Nigel Olsson '74 drum kit.   Featured in Modern Drummer magazine internationally, as 'Kit Of The Month':

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