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Experience Elton Out of the Closet® in the UK - the Most Authentic Elton John Tribute Concert

Were you ever lucky enough to experience Elton John live in concert during his golden 1970s era of flamboyant costumes, grand piano acrobatics and iconic characters like Pinball Wizard and Rocket Man?


Whether you’ve never seen Elton John live or you witnessed the experience in the flesh and you want to relive it, you won’t be disappointed by the Elton Out of the Closet® stage show’s faithful portrayal of 1970s-era Elton John.

The best Elton John UK stage show

Globally heralded as the world’s best Elton John tribute show, Elton Out of the Closet® is available for concerts in the UK. Jason Paris is indistinguishable from the real thing when he takes the stage – the same youthful energy, outrageous stage presence, and awe-inspiring voice.

Jason and his band of talented musicians take you on a journey through Elton John’s classic hits from throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s. The show itself is a two-hour entertainment spectacular that visually centres around Elton’s larger-than-life 70s-era stage antics: imposing grand piano, the colourful costumes, the exotic instruments, and of course the iconic characters along with the back-stories behind them.

Reasons why the Elton Out of the Closet® Elton John UK tribute concert is not to be missed

  • When it comes to Elton concept impersonation in the UK, Jason Paris is incomparable to anyone you’ve ever seen – he portrays Sir Elton in the first person, and you’ll find yourself believing that it’s really the legend himself

  • Jason’s impressive pianist skills and astounding rock vocalist prowess are backed by a band of incredibly talented musicians, utilising instruments like the Indian tanpura, lap steel guitar and banjo to bring Elton John’s 1970s-era stage show back to life in the UK

  • This Elton John UK tribute concert features a custom-made replica of Nigel Olsson’s eight-piece drumkit from the seventies to further enhance the authenticity of this fully immersive live experience

  • Jason Paris’s portrayal of Elton John includes poignant discussions on his relationships with other iconic figures such as Princess Diana, John Lennon and Freddie Mercury

  • Ever experienced a Vegas stage show musical? Elton Out of the Closet® exceeds expectations for a highly memorable theatrical experience

Secure Elton Out of the Closet® for your event today

Elton Out of the Closet® manages to pay tribute to Elton John in a way that does the rock legend justice. Book this enigmatic experience for your upcoming event, anywhere in UK. For more information, please contact us.

You can also learn more about Jason Paris online, or review these testimonials from fans, concert-goers and real musicians/celebrities who witnessed 1970s-era Elton John performances in the flesh!

In addition to UK performances, Elton Out of the Closet® is also available for shows in Las Vegas and across the United States, as well as Australia.

  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
  • Elton Out Of The Closet®
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