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Elton - Out Of The Closet® says... HELLO, BABY HELLO!

Elton - Out Of The Closet®, the world's finest Elton tribute show, was conceived in late 2013 by its producer and principal performer, Jason Paris.

Drawing inspiration from the grandest tribute shows on the international stage (Fab Four, Bjorn Again, Australian Pink Floyd Show, Elvis To The Max, Queen - It's A Kinda Magic etc), Jason got down to building Elton - Out Of The Closet® from nothing.

Recognising that make the audience believe was the winning philosophy behind these top shows, Jason spared no effort in its pursuit. Gradually, cast members, authentic reproductions of Elton's extraordinary 70s costumes, a custom-made 1974 Nigel Olsson drum-kit, a unique piano-shell (that can be stood on!), a 'Captain Fantastic' guitar etc were assembled into a cohesive and exciting Rock show.

In time, Elton - Out Of The Closet® will undoubtedly join the ranks of the top tribute shows that inspired it.

Elton Out Of The Closet, Elton John tribute

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